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Business for New Europe is Britain's leading pro-European business coalition, campaigning for Britain's place in a more competitive Europe.

We campaign for Britain to retain and enhance the economic benefits it derives from EU membership. We also call for improvements in the way the EU works.

Leaving the EU would damage our economy, make it harder for British business to compete internationally, and harm investment, growth and jobs. It would significantly weaken Britain’s ability to shape policies in its most important export market, the Single Market, and globally in areas such as trade, climate change and international relations.

BNE supports Britain’s active membership of the EU and opposes withdrawal to the margins. We support a prosperous, free-market Europe, able to compete in a globalised world and deliver for its people.

We therefore:

  • Highlight the economic benefits of EU membership, explaining why it is good for jobs and helps our companies compete
  • Call on politicians and other leaders to explain the advantages of EU membership, so that people can have an informed view
  • Campaign for improvements in the way the EU works, to benefit the UK and the whole of the EU.

BNE is a not-for-profit organisation funded by donations from the private sector. We are not affiliated to any political party, and we do not receive funding from the government or the EU. 

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