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BNE at Hay Festival 2016: Roland Rudd emphasises EU role in standing up to Putin


Roland Rudd emphasises EU role in standing up to Putin

In a debate hosted by the Telegraph at the Hay Festival, BNE chairman and Britain Stronger in Europe treasurer Roland Rudd made clear the pivotal role the EU had played in halting Putin’s expansionist tendencies. Roland outlined that the two sets of sanction imposed by the EU following the invasion of Crimea showed the influence Britain had at the heart of Europe: “when Putin invaded the Ukraine it was the European Union, with Britain playing a pivotal role in persuading Germany and Italy, that imposed sanctions against this repressive, autocratic leader.”

View here: Telegraph EU debate


BNE on Bloomberg - Brexit 'would be economic madness'


BNE chairman Roland Rudd appeared on Bloomberg's The Pulse to debate Brexit with former foreign secretary Liam Fox

Watch here: Brexit: Economic Madness or the Chance of a Lifetime?


Politico interviews BNE chairman Roland Rudd



Our chairman, Roland Rudd, spoke with Politico magazine about the upcoming referendum: “Our strategy for the In campaign will rest on three pillars: economics, security, and the leadership on the world stage that comes with being part of the EU.”

Read here: The man Cameron is counting on to keep Britain in Europe


Business leaders back Britain remaining in letter to The Times





200 business chiefs believe Brexit risks UK jobs
200 business leaders employing more than 1.2m people have signed a letter to The Times warning that Brexit would put the UK’s economy at risk. Signatories of the letter include chief executives and chairmen of more than a third of the FTSE 100 and major companies such as Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. The letter outlines the compelling case for Britain remaining in a reformed EU: “Business needs unrestricted access to the European market of 500m people in order to continue to grow, invest and create jobs.” Commenting on the letter, Roland Rudd, chairman of Business for New Europe and treasurer of Britain Stronger in Europe campaign outlined the significance of the letter: “This is the single biggest number of business leaders who have been willing to support staying in a reformed EU,” adding that “what is also striking is the number who have done so on behalf of their companies as well as in a personal capacity.”

BNE on Bloomberg: Debating Brexit


Roland Rudd, founder and chairman of Business for New Europe, and Michael Moszynski, chief executive officer at London Advertising, discuss and debate the merits of ‘Brexit’. They spoke with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

View here:



BNE on BBC Radio 4's Week in Westminster


Our Chairman, Roland Rudd, was on BBC Radio 4's Week in Westminster. The podcast can be downloaded here:



BNE on Bloomberg: London Businesses Face Big Price to Pay From Brexit

Roland Rudd, Chairman of Business for New Europe and Finsbury, and Stephanie Flanders, chief market strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management examine how a Brexit could negatively impact business in London. 

View here:




BNE on BBC Radio 4's Any Questions


Our Chairman, Roland Rudd, appeared on Any Questions discussing the big issues of the day, including Britain's future in or out of the EU. You can view the episode here:



BNE in City AM: 'Business must reject the pessimism of the anti-Europeans and build the Europe we all want to see'


BNE Campaign Director Lucy Thomas argues that the unveiling of the EU's plan for a capital markets union demonstrates the benefits for Britain of getting stuck in in Europe.

Read here: 'Business must reject the pessimism of the anti-Europeans and build the Europe we all want to see'


BNE in the BBC: 'Small firms split over European Union referendum vote'


Small UK firms are split over whether to stay in the European Union or not, according to a survey of thousands of businesses.

Read here: 'Small firms split over European Union referendum vote'


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