Press Summary: John Major accuses Gove and Johnson of untruthful campaign





John Major accuses Gove and Johnson of untruthful campaign
Former prime minister John Major commented on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show that leading members of Vote Leave, including Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan Smith have been running a deceitful, untrue, depressing, awful and “verging on the squalid” campaign to leave the EU. Major went on to claim that Gove wanted to privatise the NHS, Johnson wished to charge people for health services and Duncan Smith advocated moving to a social insurance system, adding: “The NHS is about as safe with them as a pet hamster would be with a hungry python.”
Trade Union leaders urge voters to remain
The leaders of the UK’s six biggest trade unions have warned that a Brexit may result in a limiting of workers’ rights, specifically in terms of parenting, holidays and equality. The general secretaries of Unite, Unison, the GMB and Usdaw are among 10 trade union leaders warning against a vote to leave in a letter to The Guardian in which they argued that the social and cultural benefits of remaining in the EU far outweigh any advantages of leaving.
Sir Roger Carr: “staying in an improved union is the only way to go”
In an opinion editorial for The Times, Sir Roger Carr argues that leaving the EU would “dislocate the momentum of our steady recovery and threaten exports today and productivity tomorrow”, adding that “by staying in an improved Europe, we will be stronger together. By doing so, the prospects for all will be better for ever.” He concludes by stating that: “by staying in an improved Europe, we will be stronger together. By doing so, the prospects for all will be better for ever. There is no credible alternative.”
David Cameron to give speech alongside Harriet Harman, Tim Farron and Natalie Bennett
David Cameron is expected to criticise the Leave campaign today as he makes a speech alongside leaders from the Green party and the Lib Dems as well as Labour’s Harriet Harman. The figures are expected to issue a joint statement, arguing that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are “perpetuating an economic con trick on the British people.”
Brexit concerns hit UK firms’ orderbooks
British firms’ orderbooks have fallen off the back of concerns about a potential Brexit. The orders have fallen to their lowest level for almost three years. Peter Hemington, a partner at BDO, has said: “Private sector capital investment has been sluggish throughout this recovery, and recent official figures show sharp falls – no doubt related to Brexit fears. This fall has no doubt contributed to UK businesses’ expectation that economic growth will fall behind its long term trend for the first time in nearly three years.”
The Bank of England prepares for Brexit
Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, is expected to be pushing ahead with its contingency plans in the coming weeks by launching special funding operations on Tuesday 14 June to ensure that the UK’s commercial banks have the cash needed to cope with any turmoil caused by a vote to leave the EU.
Leaving EU will ‘hurt not save NHS’
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove say quitting Europe would save the NHS because we’d get fewer migrants and stop sending money to Brussels. However, InFacts’ writes that “the opposite is true. If we left, we’d lose full access to Europe’s market. That’s responsible for half our trade. We’d suffer such an economic shock that we’d have less money to spend, not more.” They add that “Boris and Gove also don’t tell you that EU migrants support the NHS. They pay more in taxes than they use public services – partly because they are younger than Brits. What’s more, one in 10 doctors is an EU migrant.”
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